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I'm having difficulties settling for that one spell... I hope I'm doing this reddit thing right? Lemme know if I should post this in another way...
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So, Arcane Thesis feat (PHB p.74) got the errata treatment, stopping it from reducing the level of a spell below its original level. It also got a mention in the FAQ, but the two contradict each other and the erratum post-dates -- and overrules, I believe -- the FAQ, which said that it only reduces the increase once
Arcane Thesis. Type: General Source: Player's Handbook II. You have studied a single spell in-depth. Your expertise grants you formidable though narrowly focused arcane mastery. Prerequisite: Knowledge (arcana) 9 ranks, ability to cast arcane spells. Benefit: Choose one arcane spell that you can cast to be your thesis
Smitty was an expertin a then arcane field of experimental psychology, with the focus on relating physical stimuli to sensory perceptions. ... Texture would remain of tangential interest to me for the year and a half, 1967–late 1968, when I did experiments on taste mixtures for my doctoral thesis. Texture would again rear its
Other Feats. Arcane ThesisPHB2: The errata for PHB2 clarified that Arcane Thesis reduces the level adjustment of each metamagic feat applied to the spell in question, making it very effective if you depend heavily on a single spell. Metamagic School FocusCM: Only usable three times per day, but it's very versatile. Practical
Have I outsmarted(optimized) myself? #2. daidojitaidoru. Mar 24, 2009 12:50:57. I made a 15th level duskblade. Amongst his feats were empower spell, easy metamagic (empower), arcane thesis (vampire touch) and rapid metamagic. That allows me to arcane a channel empowered vampire touch as a 3rd
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